Monday, February 19, 2007

"I must have traveled down a thousand roads.
Been so many places, seen so many faces,
Always on my way to somethin' new.
Ohh, but it doesn't matter,
'cause no matter where I go,
Every road leads back,
Every road just seems to lead me back to you."

Bette Midler, "Every Road Leads Back To You"

So here I am again. I thought I'd forgotten all about this here thing that I'd started, what, ages ago! But like the song goes, every road seems to lead back to it. I remember a beautiful time long gone,standing by a cliff on White Beach in Puerto Galera, with myself and the buddies facing that 30-foot wave about to slam on the face of the cliff, promising to give us an unforgettable, if painful memory. With only a few seconds before impact, Stuart has a eureka moment, and he shares his insight with us.

"Don't worry guys... just go with the flow!"

That mammoth of a wave came roaring in, sending us all into various degrees of pain and fear. In retrospect, though, Stuart may have actually saved all of us from a fate worse than getting our pretty little faces cut up on the sharp rocks... or being drowned... or being swept out into the South China Sea for the sea turtles to gobble up. Just like the guy in "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Universe," who learns how to fly by being distracted at the last second, we too got distracted by Stu's strange words at the last moment before impact. We were all too distracted to do anything silly, and so we went with the flow.

My point is, the tides of fortune have brought me back to this blog. And so, in keeping with "the flow," I make this entry here and now.

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